[VIDEO] Bob Costas interviews Jerry Sandusky on Rock Center

costasLast night, Bob Costas talked via telephone to former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky about the current allegations he is facing regarding the child sex-scandal at the University.  Costas asked the hard questions and was very detailed and specific with each topic that he addressed.  Sandusky maintain a low, monotone voice and did his best to answer the questions thrown at him. 

There were a couple times where I was scratching my head though.  One in particular was when Costas asked him flat out if he is sexually attracted to young boys.  After repeating the question to Costas, Sandusky answered this question oddly.

“Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. I … but, no, I am not sexually attracted to young boys.”

Hey Jerry, you may want to answer this promptly with a “hell no!”.  When you are up against 40 counts of abuse, you may not want to classify this question as a grey area. 

Other parts of the interview had Sandusky admitting to Costas that he “horsed around” in the shower with boys and that he has “touched their legs, without the intent of sexual contact”.  Again, Sandusky isn’t really helping himself out here.  There is a thing called reasonable doubt that is required by a jury to convict someone of a crime.  Does anyone else feel that Sandusky just opened the gate on reasonable doubt that he would have sexually assaulted these young boys while (admittedly) showering with them?

His lawyer was interviewed during a break in the phone conversation as well and he claimed that they have found the victim that Mike McQueary witnessed getting assaulted.  They claim he is willing to come forward and claim the accusations against Sandusky are false.  Costas, in a Costas-y way, mocks the lawyer and asks “So you found him and the Commonwealth has not?”.

The interview with the lawyer felt like he was trying to pump up a defense case that isn’t there.  It felt like he was reaching for something, anything, to change the public opinion of Sandusky.  He may have succeeded slightly if Sandusky weren’t on the interview as well.  In my honest opinion, everything I thought about Sandusky before the interview held true and post-interview I feel he is more guilty.

Your thoughts?

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