UConn Coach Dan Hurley Knows When to Get Serious

The UConn Huskies went into Madison Square Garden last night and systematically dismantled the 15th ranked Syracuse Orange, 83-76.

The Huskies played hard and Jim Boeheim and the Orange were clearly out-coached by Dan Hurley, not a feat easily managed.

So when the final buzzer sounded and the Huskies prevailed, you can imagine their head coach was pumped. However, I’m more impressed with his ability to completely turn off his excitement and remain a professional as he went through the post game “good game, good game” handshake routine.

Dan Hurley.

Outstanding coach.

Fan boy.

Consummate professional.

Dan Hurley will probably open the door for some very epic memes this college basketball season. And it’s only Novemeber. So buckle up!



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