Tyler Back in the States; Quits Maccabi Team

tylerJeremy Tyler may have found it more useful to go to college.  In August, Tyler decided to skip his senior year at San Diego High School and head overseas to get his one year removed from high school over with while earning some cheddar.  Tyler arrived last summer in Israel with a lot of hype and expectations.  While he did get a $140,000 salary he did not have the production to match it.  The lack of playing time and the frustration of his transition into the pro level finally became too much for Tyler as he returned home to San Diego, leaving Maccabi with 2 months still left to play.  Tyler’s number aren’t much better than his reputation around Israel.  He averaged 2.1 points and 1.9 rebounds in 7.6 minutes.  True, maybe more playing time would have helped this young man develop and those numbers would have risen, but it’s hard to bring along an athlete without patience.  Tyler was treating playing in the pros overseas like it was another high school game.  You cannot walk out on your team at half time because you aren’t getting enough minutes and expect no repercussions.

Here’s my take on the situation.  I don’t think this trip overseas did anything for the development of Jeremy Tyler.  In fact, I think he may have regressed.  His attitude might have been the biggest thing, next to his game, that took a hit.  He can now be viewed as one of those “me” guys that no one wants on his team.  He is clearly about the money, which could be the explanation for heading to Israel.  I’m not too keen on the basketball overseas but if he were to stay here and finish high school and head to college for a year or two he would/could be an first round pick.  Now, he has missed out on his senior year of high school and he will have to get his GED before heading to college.  That is assuming he actually goes to college instead of entering the NBA Draft which, to me, would be a bigger bonehead move than heading to Israel.  He would have had more value in the draft had he just stayed in the States and went to Louisville.    

Bottom line:  Forget foreign countries and play college ball, it’s the best preparation you will get with the least amount of risk.

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