Two Fans Stabbed at the Rose Bowl During Pre Game Fight

This past weekend, things got a little out of hand in the tailgate lot outside of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  The first mistake was perhaps opening the lots for tailgaters at 9:30 AM for a 7:30 PM game.  It didn’t take long for USC and UCLA fans to get rowdy, even though this rivalry game meant absolutely nothing because UCLA stinks and USC cheats.  About 3 hours before the game was set to kickoff, police got a call to respond to a disturbance in lot 1 of the Rose Bowl.

Lot 1 is located on the golf course and is only about 100 or so yards from the stadium.  When the police arrived at the lot in response to the “disturbance” they came upon a brawl of about 50-75 people.  Police called for backup and began the arduous task of breaking up the melee.  At least two officers sustained minor injuries.  Upon breaking up the fight, the police found two fans to have been stabbed.  One victim was stabbed 8 times in the back while the other was stabbed in the face.  In the face.  As for suspects, Darryl Qualls, the commander in the field for the Pasadena Police said there were three suspects being held.  One of said suspects was being charged with attempted murder.

Last January Thunder Treats took you inside the tailgating for the Rose Bowl when Ohio State and Oregon squared off.  We arrived at the tailgate lots at 7:30 AM for the afternoon game.  We parked in the very lot where this fight occurred.  No stabbing for us though, just lost voices and champagne showers.

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