Turning the FBS into 4 Super Conferences

It is inevitable.  Every year around this time people begin to discuss the BCS.  Most of the time they are discussing how they would rather have a playoff system instead of the BCS so as to have a true champion.  Other times, though seldom, they may be discussing how the BCS “got it right” that year.  This isn’t one of those years.  This year we have a Big East Champion in UConn that is playing in the Fiesta Bowl with a record of 8-4 while teams like Boise State and Michigan State with one loss get the shaft.  It was most definitely a down year for the Big East and hopefully it doesn’t stay down for too long.  With the addition of TCU, they may be able to make a comeback in 2011 and, if we’re lucky, one of their teams can crack the Top 25.

The reason UConn is in the Fiesta Bowl instead of the San Diego County Credit Union Water Reclamation Raw Sewage Treatment Poinsettia Bowl is because by rule of the BCS, the conference champions from the automatic qualifier schools will be assigned to a BCS Bowl.  The problem we have had in recent years is that there are teams, Utah – Boise State – TCU, that are making runs.  With only one loss, they lose their chance at a BCS Bowl and a boatload of money for their schools just because they aren’t part of an AQ conference.

I have heard people talk about doing away with AQ conferences and forming super conferences.  This could solve a lot of the headaches that we receive every time we try to figure out the BCS formula.  With super conferences, there would be a playoff system that is not.  I know that sounds confusing but go with me on this one.  The way I have broken it down, we have 4 super conferences known as the Big East, Big North, Big South and Big West.  Don’t get hung up on the names, those are arbitrary.  Each of these super conferences will include 30 FBS teams.  There are currently 120 FBS teams so they would split well into 4 super conferences.  Inside each conference, the 30 teams would be separated into 4 divisions, North, South, East and West.  Two divisions would have 8 teams while the other two would have 7 teams.  Each team would have a schedule that broke down as follows:

Minimum 6 division games

Minimum 3 conference games

Minimum 2 non-conference games (could be games against 1 of the other 3 super conferences or could be FCS opponent)

This would encourage teams to have at minimum an 11 game season.  Bye weeks would be subject to scheduling. 

Following the regular season, each divisions champion will be decided by best division record.  If there is a tie, it moves to head to head.  If the teams did not play each other, it can go by points for.  It doesn’t really matter as there are many ways to break a tie.  So this leaves us with 16 division champions in the FBS and allows the small time bowl games to start offering the other members of the super conferences. 

In each conference, the North division winner will play the South division winner while the East plays West in what will be a conference tournament of sorts.  Matchups will be determined before the season with no matchups repeating in consecutive years.  Once we have two final teams in each conference, the former BCS bowl games will come into play.  The Rose Bowl can serve as the Big North Championship, the Fiesta Bowl can serve as the Big West Championship, the Orange Bowl  can serve as the Big South Championship and the Sugar Bowl can serve as the Big East Championship.

Now that there are 4 super conference champions, they will move on to play in the semi-finals for the National Championship.  The teams will be seeded by their rankings with seed 1 playing 4 while 2 plays 3.  Once we are down to the final 2 teams, they will meet at a previously determined location, a location that would change every year.

The season would break down something like this:

Regular Season: 1st week of September – 3rd week of November

Conference Tournament (Division winners face off): 1st week of December

Conference Championships: 2nd week of December

National Championship Semifinal: 4th week of December

National Championship Game: 2nd week of January

With this new system, all of the bowl games can maintain their integrity while the national championship gets its integrity back.  I know this is obviously flawed, more so to some of you than others, but I was bored and this is what happens when I get bored.  Below is a potential breakdown of the 4 super conferences.  I tried to maintain distance and rivalry as much as I could but I must admit that towards the end I just wanted to finish it. 


Big East

North Division:                                 South Division:

Boston College                                                 Indiana

Wake Forest                                                       Iowa

UConn                                                                Purdue

Central Michigan                                           Ball State

Eastern Michigan                                            Rutgers

Minnesota                                                        Syracuse

Buffalo                                                            Miami (OH)

East Division:                                     West Division:

Maryland                                                             Illinois

Virginia                                                         Michigan State

Pitt                                                                     Michigan

Kent State                                                    Northwestern

Akron                                                               Ohio State

Penn State                                                 Northern Illinois

Ohio                                                                     Toledo

Temple                                                       Western Michigan


Big North

North Division:                                 South Division:

Colorado                                                            Kansas

Air Force                                                           Missouri

BYU                                                                Kansas State

Utah                                                           San Diego State

Washington                                                        TCU

Washington State                                         Alabama             

Bowling Green                                                Georgia


East Division:                                     West Division:

Army                                                                     Baylor

Navy                                                                  Iowa State

Notre Dame                                                  Colorado State

New Mexico State                                             Oregon

UNLV                                                               Oregon State

Wyoming                                                           Stanford

Kentucky                                                         Oklahoma

                                                                      Oklahoma State


Big West

North Division:                                 South Division:

Virginia Tech                                                      Texas

Nebraska                                                        Texas Tech

Vanderbilt                                                     Texas A & M

North Texas                                                          Cal

Boise State                                                 Mississippi State

Nevada                                                                 Troy

Utah State                                                     Fresno State

                                                                      Louisiana Tech

East Division:                                     West Division:

North Carolina                                                   Arizona

Duke                                                               Arizona State

NC State                                                               UCLA

LSU                                                                         USC

Ole Miss                                                             Hawaii

Arkansas State                                                  Idaho

Mid Tenn State                                        New Mexico State

                                                                       San Jose State


Big South

North Division:                                 South Division:

Cincinnati                                                       Miami (FL)

Georgia Tech                                              South Florida

Louisville                                                Southern Methodist

Marshall                                                              UAB

Memphis                                                           Florida

Tulsa                                                                    FAU

Western Kentucky                                            FIU

South Carolina

East Division:                                     West Division:

Clemson                                                             Houston

FSU                                                                         Rice

WVU                                                                    Tulane

ECU                                                                        UCF

Arkansas                                                             UTEP

Tennessee                                                         Auburn

Louisiana Lafayette                                Louisiana-Monroe

Southern Miss

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