Trevor Bauer Rapping is Now Mark Reynolds Walk-Up Music

Walk-up music in Major League Baseball is a kind of a big deal.  A lot of athletes take time and thought when picking out the music they will walk to the plate to.  Mark Reynolds is no exception. While the task may be one of the hardest things Reynolds had to do, it became a lot easier when Triple A prospect Trevor Bauer released a rap song called “Gutter to the Grail”.

No, I’m not kidding.


The awfully rapped song is a masterpiece and it name drops, among other, Mark Reynolds.  So really, for him it must have been a no brainer.  Plus, while using “Gutter to the Grail”, Reynolds hit a home run.  So, by that logic, he should definitely keep this rap song as  his walk-up music for the rest of the season.


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