I’m pulling this one of my ass, unless it comes true, in that case I’m a god damn genius. Two disappointments of the 2008 season, The Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns are about to join forces in an attempt to not suck this year. Two new coaches in town this year that can’t look any worse than their predecessors. Detroit has too many picks and the Brownies have too many quarterbacks. Lets put 2 and 2 together. It’s time for Cleveland to let Brady run the show. Detroit isn’t gonna make the same mistake as Joey Harrington and take Bradford (unless they listen to Kiper) with the first overall. Derek Anderson is the perfect guy to come in and bring along a 3rd to 4th round quarterback. This should be a no brainer for Mangini after all of the Favre drama. Quinn was drafted to be the main man in Cleveland and the fans are ready for it. He’s been drinkin his EAS Myoplex shakes and is ready for round 2 with Shaun Smith….”NOW IM DONE”

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