Too soon?

Peyton Hillis has come under fire this season ever since the third game of the season when he sat out after his agent advised him to do so.  It should be noted that Hillis had strep throat but many believed he could still play and be effective.  I can’t knock the guy for not playing but I think he would have been better off if he left out the part about asking his agent for advice.  Many people have pointed to that situation as a sort of protest for Hillis because he wants a new contract.  Currently he is in the final year of his rookie contract and he is looking for more money and longer terms.  I would say Hillis is worth it but I have yet to see even a glimpse of last years success.  I know he has been sick and been hurt but we need something.  The Browns cannot afford to pay Hillis and have him do nothing in return, a la Derek Anderson.

Is it too soon to talk about the Madden Curse?  Everyone knows the story, the person on the cover of Madden before the season will have a cursed year where they will either under perform or be injured.  Well, so far the curse is living up to its reputation.  Is it too soon to write off Hillis as a one year wonder?  Can he come back from this latest hamstring injury and help this team win?  These questions are swirling around Cleveland like a tornado.  One thing is for sure, if he can bounce back it couldn’t come at a better or more needed time.

With the Browns only being 5 games into the season there is still time to turn it around.  The next two weeks will be tough with road games against San Francisco and Houston.  Things should get a little easier when they return home to face the Rams and Jaguars.  They probably have one of the hardest last 5 weeks of the season for any team in the NFL.  They have to face the Ravens and Steelers back to back twice with a game in Arizona between.

Mary Kay Cabot has reported too that Pat Shumur said the Browns are NOT looking into trading Hillis before the Tuesday deadline.  There were rumblings of a possible trade with Dallas floating around this morning.

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