Time to Load Up on the Kansas City Royals Futures

Future wagering, or “futures”, are a popular way of betting in casinos and with online betting sites. People are able to place their wager from the time the sports book releases the odds up until the start of the game. It could be a year or more in advance. For instance, right now the futures on the 2014 MLB ALCS have up at AllPro for quite sometime. They are usually updated everyday to reflect streaks, trades, injuries, etc.

However, they may not have been updated, which could allow you to make a move. For instance, you can see below, they have the Tampa Bay Rays at 8-1 odds to win the AL Pennant. That could have been true in April, but the slide they have been on over the last two months should warrant a much higher ratio. Maybe a 20-1 at this point. So you will obviously stay away from that.

al pennant 2

Look at the Kansas City Royals though. This could be their year to take the A.L. Central from the grips of the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have been anything but consistent and the powerful starting rotation has begun to falter. The Cleveland Indians have better odds than the Royals too, but like the Tigers, they can’t put it together. Their pitching is also in more disarray, top to bottom, than the Tigers. The Royals have been hovering around the top of the A.L. Central and have been giving the Tigers and Indians fits. At 18-1 odds, it’s worth throwing a little cheddar on that action.

You can head to AllPro.eu to see all of the odds. They have the N.L. Pennant and World Series odds up as well. Also, if you don’t want to bet on a series, you can see odds for A.L. and N.L. MVP’s and Cy Young Award winners.

Be responsible.


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