Tiger Woods Saga


ABC.com is reporting that Elin Nordegren says “divorce is 100% on.”  Surprised?  Me neither.  What did people think she was going to do?  Sit there and continually get slapped in the face emotionally?  I doubt it and I applaud her for doing what’s right for her and her family.  I guess if Tiger had been unfaithful with one woman, maybe the marriage might still have a chance on the fact that it could have been a one time thing.  Unfortunately, Tiger couldn’t resist his insatiable hunger for women and now it has ultimately cost him his family.  Woods and Nordegren have been married for 5 years and have a 2 kids, a 2 year old daughter and 10-month old son.  I fear for the day that Tiger has to answer the questions his kids undoubtedly will have for him.  With the internet the way it is now, in less than 10 years he can expect his daughter to google his name only to read of the infidelity and lies that drove her mother away and forced this separation.

This recent news comes on the heels of Tiger winning the AP Athlete of the Decade.  My second round of applause goes to the AP who was able to look at the athlete over the man or his actions.  Half of the votes for Tiger came in after the news of his infidelity broke.  I guess it shows us that even in these most judgmental times, a person can win an award based on their hard work in their given field and not what they do in their own private lives.  Another example would be US Magazine naming Kanye West’s The College Dropout the “Album of the Decade” despite his recent hurricane of hate after his MTV Awards show debacle with Taylor Swift.

My third round of applause will go to Tiger Woods.  Yes, you read that right.  This man, though we haven’t seen him since he parked his SUV in a tree, is truly going through hell.  Woods has never been a public figure.  His most prized possession, family with held, was his privacy, and I’m not talking about his yacht.  He has made a decision (or is going along with the decision) to step away from competitive golf indefinitely.  Whether or not this decision was forced upon him or not, I think it is the right move.  It will give him time to spend with his family and although it doesn’t look optimistic for his marriage to stay intact, he has to make a valiant effort to secure some kind of relationship with Elin, especially for those young kids.


Personally I think we wouldn’t even be having this issue if we didn’t put professional athletes and celebrities on a pedestal so high that they are bound to crash and burn when they fall.  Tiger’s face has been smeared on everything from Gatorade to Gillete razors.  Pump the breaks on the branding of an athlete.  No one is perfect, everyone knows that, but the majority of those tend to forget that the athletes and celebrities they claim to be role models are not perfect either.  The lime light is bright and not only blinds the celebrity, but it also blinds the public.  It blinds them from the fact that these are ordinary people with extraordinary lives.  I think we have had about enough of Tiger’s private life jammed down our throats, maybe we should let the man pick up the pieces of his life without hovering over him taking pictures…

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