Tiger is Coming Out of Hiding


According to ESPN.com, Tiger Woods will be giving a press conference statement on Friday morning from the PGA Tour Headquarters in Florida.  Of course, there will be certain rules and guidelines that must be obeyed.  There will be no question and answer after his short statement and it will only be open to those media members that are invited.  The Associated Press, Rueters and Bloomberg were the only wire services that were invited.  He also asked the Golf Writers of America to recommend pool reporters.  This may be playing it safe but after what has transpired over the last 3 months, I can’t say that I blame him.  Paddy Harrington may have said it best.

“The first time out, he’s better controlling it,” Padraig Harrington said. “Over time, there will be questions. At the moment, the best thing is a more controlled environment and gradually ease his way back into it.”

For now, it will be nice for the public to actually see the man that everyone has been bashing for the last 90+ days.  The picture above was snapped this afternoon as Tiger went for a jog near his Orlando home.  Perhaps this will take some heat off of his public appearance on Friday morning…yea right.

Picture credit: US Weekley

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