Thierry Henry Headed for the States?


Frances prized footballer and all time leading goal scorer for the national team looks to be headed to the United States MLS after playing with his national team in the World Cup in South Africa next month.  It is reported by that Henry, who has one year left on his contract with Barcelona, has signed pre-contract agreement with the club to play with the New York Red Bulls.  There will have to be monies paid to the Barca because of the remaining year on his contract.  However, Barca doesn’t have to agreed to the sale if they do not wish.  Although during their semifinal match up with Internazionale, Barca found themselves down 2 goals and head coach Pep Guardiola went with 22 year old rookie Jeffren Suarez* instead of the proven Henry off the bench.  This seems to point in the direction that Barcelona will deal the 32 year old, who had a season that was filled with both injuries and inconsistent play.  There will also have to be some kind of agreement between the clubs if (knock on wood) Henry should sustain injury while playing for France in the World Cup.

A lot of people are skeptical of Henry and how much he might have left in the tank.  This past season didn’t do much to help that.  Although he did have a lot on his plate with difficult World Cup qualifiers and also having to play his old club, Arsenal.  Depending on how the MLS reacts to having Henry and vice versa, this could either prove to be a brilliant move by the Red Bulls or just another example of the MLS being a retirement home for European talent.  CoughDavid BeckhamCough.


*Thanks to for catching my error.  Jeffren Suarez was the 22 year old rookie, not Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

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