The Wait is Over…National Signing Day

seantrel-hendersonWell, as I finished up another fine episode of Blue Mountain State, it is technically national signing day (it’s only 9:30 on the West Coast, but it is 12:30 on the East Coast). Signing day is a day where 17 & 18 year old kids get to enjoy the spotlight. One of those kids that will get to enjoy the spotlight is the mammoth Seantrel Henderson. Henderson has been regarded by Scout as the # 1 recruit in the country and Rivals as the # 2 recruit in the country. In fact, he held the preseason # 1 ranking on Scout and ended with the same ranking. ESPN, which is the worst recruiting database on the face of the planet, ranked him just outside of the top 5. Regardless, at 6’7” 320, the kid is an absolute can’t miss prospect. For OSU followers, he may remind you of Mike Adams, who after his Army pre-game/post-game showing ended up being a top 10 recruit in the country. OSU followers are hoping that if Henderson does pick OSU, he does not end up like Adams, who would rather hit his bong then someone who is lined up across from him. For those who are big NFL followers, he would remind you a lot of Bryant McKinnie, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings.




Where will Henderson end up? Chances are either USC or OSU. Many in both camps feel good about landing his services, but Seantrel and his father have both been very tight lipped about his whole recruitment. Dad seems to favor USC because of all the glamour and shit that So Cal brings, but he knows they are about to get hit with sanctions. Their request to self impose sanctions was denied this week and Reggie Bush will have to stand trial soon enough. Poopstain Lane came into Minnesota this week and tried to blow Seantrel and his father away with everything he could think of including growing up near Minnesota, but in the end I think he is going to settle with the only sure thing that has gone on with his whole recruitment and that’s OSU and Jim Tressel. Tressel has been the only coach, unless you count Randy Shannon (who I think is a God awful D-1 football coach and his time will be short lived in Miami) and Tim Brewster (who is not much of a threat to anyone to gain his services) who hasn’t screwed him over during the process. Urban Cryer resigned and then un-resigned, Charlie Cheeseburger was shit canned at ND and Pete Carroll took over for the Seattle Seahawks. My gut tells me he picks OSU in part because Tressel has been on him since he was a sophomore and has not done him wrong as a coach, but in the same breath I wouldn’t be surprised if he opted to join Poopstain Lane and the soon to be sanctioned Trojans. Going all the way from Minnesota to the Big Apple to make your announcement on national TV kind of has a “Hollywood” vibe to it, which is why it wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up on the West Coast. The obvious safe choice for Henderson would be OSU.  If his doubts lie in being worried about OSU not putting him in the league he needs to remember that the NFL will find him regardless of where he chooses. Jason Smith went to Baylor for crying out loud, but if he wants all the glamour, USC will be the better fit.


Other big names deciding tomorrow:

  • Keenan Allen
  • Owamagbe Odighizuwa – who is expected to pledge with Bo Pelini and Nebraska LaTwan Anderson – who may drop WVU and pledge OSU
  • Darick Rodgers
  • Shon Coleman
  • Matt James – who is deciding between ND and OSU
  • Chaz Green
  • Christian Green
  • Christian Jones
  • Ivan McCartney


It could be a very big day for Ohio State if things go right. Florida State is also expected to make a nice push for several of these players as well to round out there already fine class.


Around the Big 10 though, OSU, Penn State and Michigan have put together pretty good recruiting classes. All will be top 15 recruiting classes. If OSU finishes strong they could bolt into the top 10. Michigan and Penn State have the potential to finish in the top 10 as well.

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