The LeBron Tracker…Really?


I’m going to start digging as soon as I finish this post.  I’m going to dig a hole big enough to put my head in so I don’t have to hear the constant buzz and rumors surrounding what LeBron James will do on July 1st.  Did you hear? Delonte slept with his mother, Gloria! Please, this is fabricated by the very people that give bloggers the sterotype that we live in our mothers basements and couldn’t even talk to a girl, let alone consummate coitus with one.  The fact that nothing has been pointed out as the direct reasoning for the decline the Cavaliers took in the second round of the playoffs is the very reason there are rumors.  People get anxious and when people get anxious, people make shit up.  This shouldn’t shock anyone because we have all done it before.  It starts as a suggestion but as it moves through different mediums, the story and context change to make it factual.

The Cavaliers fans may have this the worst out of anyone who is being “effected” by this free agency period.  The Cavaliers fans have to sit and listen to all these rumors about where he will play next year and the worst part is that none of them have LeBron in the wine and gold.  I am a Cavaliers fan, no doubt about it, but I also like to think I don’t wear the blinders of homerism that so many do.  Do I think LeBron will be back next year? Sadly, I do not.  There are too many other options for him to look at and I think Chicago is where this kid lands.  Him and Derrick Rose alone will be enough to make the playoffs, couple that with some other moves that could bring in big names from free agency and you have yourself a serious contender. 

Don’t hate on my opinion, it’s just what I think.  I do not, in any way, shape or form want LeBron to leave Cleveland.  I would love for him to sign a lifetime contract and when he is done playing, I want him to be an owner.  If I had it my way, the King would only leave Cleveland on roadtrips.  But unless I am at Burger King, I will never have things my way. 

It isn’t even June 1st and I cannot stand hearing any more about this free agency crap.  I have had it.  I have endured this for over a year and now it is to the point where it is deafening.  I can’t go online without seeing something about where LeBron is going to be next year.  I can’t go online without finding a “Please Come Here” website for every city, even if they’re not in the mix.  I can’t imagine LeBron likes it anymore than I do.  I am sure that maybe he enjoyed the speculation for a little bit but that probably all ended when his mother was thrown into the rumors surrounding the Cavaliers.  If all the hoopla around the blogosphere wasn’t enough, the World Wide Leader has decided to torture everyone further. They have unveiled the “LeBron Tracker“.  The image above is a screen grab from the site that is linked.  This page comes complete with Photoshopped images of LeBron in a Bulls uniform and a Knicks uniform and every possible story you could want.  Puke. 

I hope the kid does what he feels is best for him in the end.  I hope he doesn’t let smooth talking execs or a fans website persuade him.  I hope he doesn’t let money cloud his judgement.  I hope he follows his love of the game to where he thinks he will play his best and has the best chance to win a championship.  I hope that road leads straight up 77 North to the Quicken Loans Arena…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some digging to do…

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