The Jets Tap Sanchez Over Tebow as Starter for Sunday

Greg McElroy started last week for the Jets and pretty much spent the majority of the day on his back.  He was sacked 11 times, so it was no surprise that he was having headaches this week while lifting.  The training staff has diagnosed him with concussion symptoms and will shut him down for this week.

The next logical thing, you would think, would be to assume that Tim Tebow would get his shot at the starting gig.  Two weeks ago, after another awful performance by Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan announced that he was going past Tebow and giving the rookie Greg McElroy a shot to lead the team.  Sanchez has been so bad that the numbers almost don’t seem believable.  In his last three games, he has thrown 1 touchdown, 7 interceptions and lost 2 fumbles.

So Tebow Time, right? Wrong.

Head coach Rex Ryan says that he “feels more comfortable” with Sanchez under center, which feels like a total lie.  In a game that means absolutely nothing, why not give Tebow a shot?  What is the worst thing that could happen?  Ryan has already pretty much sealed his fate with the Jets so you might as well give the kid the ball.

I used to hate Tim Tebow.  I mean really hate him.  I am an Ohio State fan, so naturally I hate Florida and everything they were about (Urban Meyer too until he switched sides!).  Now, I find myself rooting for Tebow.  No one deserves to be treated like a piece of shit or side show, which is exactly what the Jets have done.  They brought him on for publicity because the New York Football Giants were busy hoisting another Lombardi Trophy above their heads.  They had to do something to stay relevant but it backfired.  They never expected Mark Sanchez to shit the bed in such a dirty, digusting way.  It is clear now that Rex Ryan and the Jets got Tebow and had absolutely no interest in having him play other than wildcat formations and that is not only bad business, but it’s bad for karma.

And karma is a funny, funny thing isn’t it?  Now that Sanchez has shit all over the bed, Rex Ryan and the Jets have to lay in it.  Things will get better for Tebow for sure, Greg McElroy too, but I’m not sure that Mark Sanchez can come back from this atrocity.  Especially with how much money is owed to him.  But crazier things have happened so we’ll have to wait and see.  In the mean time, I hope other organizations have taken notice of what has happened in New York.

Don’t treat people like shit because odds are, you’ll be laying in it at some point in the future.

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