The Biggest Little LeBron Fan


Tonight should prove to be a good match up in the NBA.  How can you go wrong with Dwayne Wade and LeBron James going at it head to head?  Obviously I will be cheering on the Wine and Gold, but there might be an unexpected fan sporting the number 23.  Zaire Wade, Dwayne’s 7 year old son, is a huge…make that uge, no room for the “h”…LeBron fan.  Wade and James have become good friends since one of the best drafts in recent memory in 2003 and bringing home the gold from Beijing in 2008.  Well, last year on Zaire’s birthday Wade pulled the friend card out on LeBron.  He wanted to know if he would talk to his boy on his birthday.  James obviously obliged and the phone was handed to Zaire.

“I asked [LeBron] what he was doing, and asked him to call Zaire for me,” Wade said. “I gave the phone to Zaire, didn’t tell him who it was, and they had a conversation. I don’t even know what they talked about. I excused myself from the situation.”

Wade went on to say that the conversation lasted for several minutes and that when he returned they were still talking.  Afterwards the little boy was pretty much star struck as he fell to the ground and was shouting “I can’t believe I just talked to LeBron”.  To be honest, I believe my reaction would be pretty much the same as little Zaire’s.  Wade has said that when he and his son play video games, Zaire is always the Cavaliers and gets angry when they auto-sub LeBron out.  I imagine Zaire would want to keep LeBron in for all 48 minutes and drop 60+ on his old man.

The friendship adds another angle to tonight’s game.  As a fan, it is pretty cool to see two superstars that are such good friends maintain their high level of competitiveness when playing each other.  When LeBron goes up for a dunk or Dwayne breaks someone’s ankles, you will probably be able to find them giving each other a grin.  The interaction between these 2 is what will make this a great game to watch.

“Me and Dwyane have been good friends for seven, eight years now. It’s always fun,” James said after the game. “It’s like playing your brother out in the backyard. You just don’t want him to get the upper edge on you.”

Cavs go for their fifth straight win tonite and are looking to finish up January on a strong note.  The three loses they have in the month are to the Jazz (buzzer beater), the Nuggets and the Bobcats and they are all by a combined 6 points.  They are playing good basketball right now but they need to pick up their second half play.  They can’t let off the gas in the third and then try to gun it back up in the fourth.  If they can learn to maintain their level of play they will prove to be even more dangerous than expected come playoff time.

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