The Best Time of Year for Sports


There are several amazing times during the national sports year, but nothing can top the sports road that is ahead. The NFL playoffs and the college football bowl season are a great way to bring in the New Year but nothing can top March Madness leading into opening day for Major League Baseball and many more sporting events.

The NCAA tournament kick starts our sports motors back into high gear after about a month and a half layoff after the Super Bowl.  The tourney culminates April 5th, which is also opening day for Major League Baseball.  Personally, the Major League Baseball season is my favorite. I probably watched 140 out of 162 Detroit Tigers games last year – so if you’re a die hard fan like me, you live for the long baseball season. For those of you who aren’t, the NHL and NBA playoffs follow right after the end of March Madness and Opening day for Major League Baseball. The NHL regular ends on April 12th and the playoffs start after and the NBA playoffs begin April 17th.  During both of those playoffs you can throw some football in in the form of the NFL Draft and College Football Spring Games.  Since the NBA Finals and NHL Playoffs go until the end of May, you can wrap everything up with the World Cup starting the second week of June.  Below is a list timeline of what we are talking about.  Get your pens and pencils out and take notes, you’re not going to want to miss any of these.

March Madness gets the ball rolling for this best time of the year in sports. The stretch from the middle of March until early April stands alone as the most exciting time in sports. It has everything that you want as a sports fan. There is a ton of drama and plenty of underdogs to embrace.  Northern Iowa and Cornell fit the bill for that this year.  Unlike college football, March Madness gives every school hope that they can win the national title. Not only is it much fairer to the teams but it makes a lot more sense to the fans and eliminates all the controversy surrounding the champion, which seems to happen every single year in college football.  It even appeals to non-sports fans. Is there anyone in America who doesn’t fill out a bracket? My girlfriend picks winners based on who their mascot is or what color uniforms they have, but guess what, it works! That’s another beautiful part of March Madness – anyone can win!


  • March Madness March 18 – April 5
  • NCAA Hockey Frozen Four March 26 – April 10
  • Major League Baseball Opening Night April 4 8:05
  • The Masters April 5 – April 11
  • NHL Playoffs begin after the regular season end on April 12
  • NBA Playoffs begin April 17
  • NFL Draft April 22 – April 24
  • College Football Spring Games April 1 – April 30
  • The World Cup June 11 – July 11

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