UPDATE: Tebow Still a D-Bag

Tebow arrived in New York for the Heisman Presentation this weekend, but we still believe his time would better be served circumcising babies in a third world country.  Upon arrival in New York, Tebow was caught at the airport by the all seeing eyes of TMZ.com and I have to say that I enjoyed this interaction more so than any other in recent memory.  Even Tebow lovers have to admit that the Heisman winner hasn’t had Heisman numbers this year.  The reporters from TMZ.com have a certain way of asking questions and making someone look like a complete tool without actually coming out and saying it.  Obviously we know that Tebow claims abstinence until marriage, but this guy feels the need to point it out once again.  I would also like to know who the F the minion is that is walking with Tebow.  He reminds me of the Taco Bell dog nipping at the heels of the reporter.  For Tebow, he can rest easy now that his college playing days are behind him.  He is on cruise control now because he shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  I say that because even if his NFL career is a failure like most Florida quarterbacks, we can almost certainly count on seeing him along side his Florida quarterback twin on College Football Live….


Tebow just realized “if you don’t use it, you lose it”

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