Super middleweight champ Carl Froch calls out Kelly Pavlik

kelly_pavlikKelly Pavlik has to be pumped.  He has gotten, and won, 3 fights this year alone and wants a shot at the belt and now he just might get it if all the chips fall into place.

Carl Froch, the current IBF Super Middleweight champ told Radio Nottingham in his home town that he wants to defend his belt against The Ghost because Pavlik has been trashing “The Cobra” in the media.

“Pavlik has been calling me out, so I’d like to shut him up,” Froch said. “If we can get him over to Nottingham, that’s one the fans would want. He’s just one name, and there are a couple of other names that Eddie’s looking at.”

Pavlik is 5 years younger than the 35 year old Froch and has 11 more professional fights than him as well.  Pavlik would have to be the favorite in this fight, even if Froch is able to get his way and have the fight in his hometown.  Pavlik shouldn’t have a problem with this because 5 of his professional fights have been fought in his hometown in Ohio.  Another 4 fights went down in nearby Atlantic City, which proved to be an advantage because the fans in Youngstown travel so well.

If Froch could get his way, the fight would go down either the first or second week of November in England.  Although I haven’t really supported Pavlik since he fell off the wagon*, it’s good to see him back on his feet and working his way back.  Steam rolling Froch and grabbing that IBF belt would put the momentum in Pavlik’s corner for an epic return.  Plus, how can you, as an American, not want to beat a Red Coat?

* Was at a bar where Pavlik was, I went to the rest room and he was passed out…standing up against a wall.  Also, his numerous arrests for alcohol related incidents are what supports my claim of “falling off the wagon”

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