Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos Offense vs. Seahawks Defense Will Give Gamblers a Headache

This Sunday, February 2nd, the NFL’s best offensive football team will take on the NFL’s best defensive team and it will leave gamblers scratching their collective heads. There really isn’t a correct answer when asked “who do you think will win”. Personally, I think it will be the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning because the iconic quarterback has been nothing but spectacular this season.  Some of you think that while Manning has been spectacular, he has yet to see a defense that is anything like the Seattle Seahawks.

Both are good arguments and both are correct assessments. This is why we have line makers and odds on football games.  Sometimes, you will love one team but once you see the line, you turn and run with your tail between your legs. However, in the case with Super Bowl XLVIII, the line might help reinforce what you already thought.

For instance, a lot of places have the Seattle Seahawks as the underdog getting 2 points. So if you thought Seattle would win straight up before looking at the line, it should be a no brainer if they are going to spot you points, right? In fact, Most sports betting sites like have odds for the Seattle Seahawks at +2.5. Even more points! And if you think a half a point doesn’t mean much, then you really shouldn’t be betting in the first place.

Now if you thought the Denver Broncos were going to win straight up, did you think they would do it by a field goal or more? I don’t know about you, but when I think of a winner straight up, I always try to fairly figure out the score in my head. Not exactly, but rather how much the team I chose would win by.  In this case, before looking at the line, I thought Denver could win roughly four points.

Now that I see they are favored by, at most, 2.5 points, I feel pretty good about choosing them against the spread this Sunday.  Of course, if this doesn’t work, don’t blame me. I’m a terrible gambler.

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