Southern University Beat Champion Baptist College 116-12

On Monday night, the Tigers took on the Southern University Jaguars. The Tigers dug themselves into a hole by lettering the Jaguars jump out to an early lead with a little 44-0 run. That 44 point deficit, coupled with the Tigers shooting 6.8% from the field (not a typo), was just too much for Champion Baptist to overcome and they fell to the Tigers by near NCAA-record 104 points (record is 117). The word stupid comes to mind, right

Not much can be found on the Champion Baptist College basketball team. I managed to find, via ESPN, that their mascot is the tiger. Other than that, all I know is that the school is in Arizona. The thing about the internet, though, is there is always someone willing to do the dirty work when you are just too lazy to do it yourself.

Enter SBNation.

  • – Team name: Tigers!
  • – Their website doesn’t load and they don’t have a Wikipedia page
  • – They do have an regularly updated Twitter:

  • – The person that Twitter says is the school’s president, Eric Capaci, is also listed as the school’s head basketball coach according to pretty much the only page that acknowledged that they have a basketball team, and his Twitter says he’s a coach, so, yeah, that seems like it’s a thing.
  • – They are a member of the Association of Christian College Athletics, which is not in the same organizational tree as the NCAA. But the level appears to be, um, kind of low. It’s probably considerably below D-2 or D-3.
  • – The link above tells us the school’s enrollment is 250.

Thank you to the fine fellows at SBNation for clearing that up for us.

ESPN has a page for the team, but it doesn’t show a logo or a full schedule, assuming they have one. For their schedule, they have four games listed as shown below.

champion baptist college

It seems a bit unfair that this win actually counts for Southern University. Perhaps this game should be one that is moved over to the “scrimmage” portion of the schedule and doesn’t actually give them another notch in the W column. Let’s just hope that Champion Baptist got paid rather handsomely to play these games. If that is the case, perhaps they can use the money for some basketball training videos.

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