Sociable Sports That Build Muscle (And Friendships)

Exercise, who’d have it, eh? Well, lots of us would love to get down the gym 7 days a week, but old mother time seems to have it in for us in that respect. Lives are busy and we can’t find the time to look after ourselves properly, unless you make the sacrifice and as a result miss out on nights out with your buddies. Keeping fit doesn’t have to be a lone activity either, a lot of people view keeping fit as the guy in the corner of the gym, veins popping out of his sleeves, and propping up the protein shake bar at any sports club! Sports are a great way to not just keep fit, but actually get sociable. Here are a couple of ideas that will get your muscles moving.


As a form of cardio, you can’t get much better than this! You need a lot of strength in your core to navigate corners on your board. And you can get plenty of longboards online for a decent price. It’s, of course, a very good method of travel. You can get your butt to wherever you need to in style instead of walking! If you’re new to skateboarding and you want to get to Tony Hawk levels of skill, you’d better get practicing! Or join a skateboarding team to get more out of it.


Pitch Athlete Rugby Tackle Contest Sport Tackler


One of the two big sports in the UK, the other being soccer, rugby is best described as football (American style) but without any sort of protection, apart from a gum shield. It sounds quite brutal, and that’s because it is! Depending on your position, from fly-half to scrum-half, each one has a specific set of skills, be it speed or sheer power to drive your opponents back. It is a very physical sport, and you won’t escape without a knock or two. You see rugby players of all shapes and sizes, so if you are worried that you need to be built to do this type of sport, you’re wrong. But as an overall workout that builds muscle and gets you to run faster, this is one of the best!



The holy grail of exercise. If you’re really serious about your swimming, it can get you ripped in no time. It’s great cardio, low-impact so you don’t sustain injuries, it increases your lung capacity, and the list goes on! Combine this with some weight training, and not only will your swimming improve, but you’ll lose those few extra pounds to reveal those lower abs you’ve spent ages on. Swimming is quite a solitary exercise, but join a racing team and you’ve got extreme competition!

Cross Fit!

Fit Stretching Kettlebell Crossfit Fitness

Yes, it’s a great camaraderie builder to get the last few reps in or to jump over one more box. It’s a great little social sport that works every muscle to the bone. So many speak of how Cross Fit will kick your butt, but nobody speaks of how great a social function it is!

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