Slam Jam Bam BAYBEE!!!!

In honor of tonight’s slam dunk contest I have assembled a list of the ten greatest dunkers of all time. These High Flyers defy gravity as they bring us some of the most explosive slams in the history of dunking. As with every list, some worthy gentlemen will be left off the list and debate is always welcome, but here is how I see it breaking down.

10) Shawn Kemp. Prior to having 14 kids and gaining 100 pounds, this Seattle Supersonic was not a man you wanted to meet when he was on his way to the basket. As a young boy I grew up on Kemp’s thunderous dunks.
9) Dwight Howard. I know he is a big man and not all of his dunks look as difficult as they would if a little guy was doing them but Superman is an entertainer.
8) Bryant Reeves. Big Country out of Oklahoma State shattered backboards almost at will.
7) Kobe Bryant. In his younger days Kobe would slash to the hole and throw it down on anyone who stood in his way. Even Shaq got abused in practice by a young Kobe.
6) Lebron James. The King throws it down with such authority that you almost feel bad for the rim. LBJ is 6’8 260 and has more hops than a U.S. women’s gymnast doing a floor routine. As Austin Carr always says “When the L-Train is coming coming down the lane it is best to get out of his way”
5) Julius Erving. Rocking the Cradle. Taking off from the foul line. Dr. J is the Godfather of the Jam.
4) Nate Robinson. The guy is like 5’5. He is lucky he can touch the rim let alone slam it home.
3) Dominique Wilkins. DW made the dunk contest what it is today. He glided through the air as if he had wings.
2) Michael Jordan. The Jumpman himself. Flying through the air as he takes off from the foul line. His symbol is iconic and the man is a legend.
1) Vince Carter. This man stuck his whole arm in the rim following one of the best dunks of all time. Just watch the Dunk Contest from 2000 if you dare to disagree. Plus he has the best first name a man can ask for.

Honorable Mention: Spud Webb, Chris “Birdman” Andersen, Shaq, Dee Brown. Let the debate begin.

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