Skip Bayless Thinks Johnny Manziel Is An ‘Alcoholic And A Liar’

Periennial douche bag at the World Wide Leader, Skip Bayless, decided he would get one more shot in before 2014 came to a close. During their insufferable show First Take, he and other walking boner Stephen A. Smith were discussing the antics of Johnny Manziel over the weekend. Antics that got him fined, his rookie corner back Justin Gilbert benched and his wide receiver Josh Gordon suspended because all three were either late to, or missed completely, the team walk-thru.

Reports of Johnny Manziel having a party on Friday spread quickly as the reason for all three being in trouble. Those reports have been refuted by Manziel today as he said he was just out with some friends. He did not deny the fact that he was absent from team walk-thru or his treatment for his injured hamstring.

Calling Manziel an alcoholic is a stretch, even for Skip Bayless. The kid is clearly not an alcoholic but because of the situation he is in — and the situations he continues to put himself in — people like Bayless will get away with throwing stones without being questioned.

Until Manziel starts to listen to the bullshit he feeds reporters, nothing will change except for his uniform.

Can’t wait to see what Merril Hoge has to say…ugh.

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