Week 14 NFL Pick'Em


With Week 14 in the books, our race has tightened up thanks to JEB’s coin appearently not working too well last week. Yours truely has won the week for the first time and only 1 game out of the basement. Dilo is only down 3, and Sahli has trim his deficit down to 1. The last 3 weeks will be pivital to determining the winner. The best part is JEB and Sahli both have leads over every single ESPN joke Experts picks. Results were as follows:

Dilo 12-4

Sahli 12-4

Jeb 9-7

Dubz 13-3

So Cal 11-5

Overall Records are:

JEB 145-63

Sahli 144-64

Dilo 142-66

So Cal 138-70

Dubz 137-71


For tonights actions, everyone has selected the Indianapolis Colts to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars to improve to 14-0.



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