Week 15 NFL Pick Em


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Week 15 was a key week and helped JEB jump out to a 2 games lead with just 2 weeks remaining. In other news, yours truely Sir Dubz is now out of the basement with a stellar 11-5 record while So Cal replaces me in the basement with a mediocre 8-8 record. Dilo posted a 10-6 mark and is now 4 games out of the lead. Week 16 could prove to be the end of the road for Dilo and Sahli’s chase for the championship unless they step it up this week.

Dilo 10-6

Sahli 10-6

Jeb 11-5

Dubz 11-5

So Cal 8-8

Overall Records are:

JEB 156-68

Sahli 154-70

Dilo 152-72

So Cal 146-78

Dubz 148-76

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