Seattle Mariners Defy Logic and Give Robinson Cano $240 Million Over Next 10 Years

The Seattle Mariners did the unthinkable today and outbid the New York Yankees for their own marquee free agent by signing Robinson Cano for a lofty $240 million over the next 10 years. Signing Cano had become the hottest topic in the MLB over the last few weeks and recently it had come down to the Mariners and the Yankees, with the Yankees saying they weren’t paying over $200 million for the talented second basemen.

The initial deal Cano was expecting was 8 years for $200 million with Seattle willing to go to 9 years for $225 million. Jay-Z, however, decided to up the ante to Alex Rodriguez numbers by asking for 10 years, $252 million to which Mariners team president Howard Lincoln exploded. Order was restored, common ground was found and a deal was put in place.

And what a deal it is.

Brian Cashman knew exactly what he was doing when the Yankees made it clear they wouldn’t be going over $200 million. He knew that Cano is 31 years old and he already beat that dead horse in the form of a certain third basemen with a bad hip and knack for consuming steroids like they’re Flinstone’s Chewable Vitamins. ┬áThe Yankees got burned on that contract to the tune of 10 years, $275 million, most of which the Yankees are trying to get out of paying since, ya know, that whole A-Rod 200+ game suspension, possbile lifetime ban thing.

The only 10 year contract I have seen that may have been worth it (at the time, not knowing about the steroids) was A-Rod’s first from the Rangers. 10 years, $252 million dollars. Seems like a bunch of cheddar, but remember Rodriguez was only 25 years old…SIX years younger than Robinson Cano. Notice what Jay-Z upped the contract talks to?

I thought for sure after the Angels kicked themselves in the dick for signing then 32 year-old Albert Pujols to a 10 year $254 million contract teams would see how bad 10 year contracts are for teams. I thought after teams saw the handcuffs Alex Rodriguez’s contracts put the Rangers and Yankees, they would wise up.

Not the case.

The Mariners are doing a disservice to baseball. They signed Felix Hernandez to a $175 million extension and will now be paying a combined $63 million for a second basemen and a pitcher for the 2014 season. They have 23 other roster spots to fill and even though they signed a 17 year, $2 billion television contract (you read that right), they are still over paying for players and driving up the market for other players who may not be worth it.

Would a salary cap in baseball be such a bad idea? It may have saved the Yankees this off season, who have now lost Curtis Granderson to the Mets, Robbie Cano to the Mariners and A-Rod to his mirror.

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