UPDATE: Scottie Pippen Layed the Smack Down on Dude in Malibu Fight

According to TMZ… Six time NBA Champion Scottie Pippen got into an altercation last night outside of Nobu in Malibu.  Not much is known as of right now, except that the other guy had to go to the hospital.

The police were called to the scene of the fight, but by the time they got there Pippen had left.  Wise.

The reason for the fight is unknown, but our money is on someone heckling Pippen about being Jordan’s bitch or something about the size of his schnoz.

Just guesses, though.

Shockingly, no video has shown up of this fight so for right now, we will assume it was Suge Knight getting knocked out in front of another club.


UPDATE: According to TMZ, Scottie Pippen has turned himself into the police in Malibu.  He is being booked for felony assault with intent to commit great bodily harm after he knocked a 50-something man out and kicked him repeatedly.  According to one witness “he beat the f*** out of him”.

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