Santonio Holmes Nightclub Attack Allegations – UPDATED 9:17 AM PDT


Apparently the Steelers are really making an effort to be the next team on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  Joining Ben Roethlisberger in nightclub snafus is wide receiver Santonio Holmes.  A civil suit against Holmes has been filed.  He is being accused by a woman that at the Orlando nightclub Rain he threw a full glass of liquor at her when she refused to move from a seat on a couch that Holmes apparently believed to be his.  The glass caused a “laceration” very close to her eye.  The worst part perhaps was that when she got the Orlando Police involved they, along with Holmes, pressured her into not pressing charges.  In fact, the Orlando PD failed to even write a police report on the situation.  Holmes is said to have offered her money for her silence because “he was an NFL star and could not get into trouble.”  The whole thing seems a little fishy and I’m sure more will come out as the day goes on.  The Steelers are aware of Santonio’s situation and are looking into the matter.  We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in.

UPDATE: According to Pro Football Talk, the Orlando Police Department does have a police report on the matter and that is “has not been completed in the system.”  This indicates that a police report will be coming soon.  Also, Holmes claims that he was indeed at the scene but he did not throw the glass at the woman.

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Source: TMZ

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