Sahli's Mock Draft….Suck it Kiper

1. Carolina Panthers, Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama
2. Denver Broncos, Von Miller, OLB, Texas AM
3. Buffalo Bills, Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
4. Cincinnati Bengals, A.J. Green, WR, Georgia
5. Arizona Cardinals, Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri
6. Cleveland Browns, Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
7. San Fran 49ers, Patrick Peterson, DB, LSU
8. Tennessee Titans, Da ‘Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
9. Dallas Cowboys, Prince Amukamara, DB, Nebraska
10. Washington Redskins, Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

Wouldn’t be surprised if Cam goes #1, because Carolina is horrible at drafting. Dareus might be the safest pick in the draft.

#2 Pick might be the hardest to predict, I’m going with Von who is a total beast but it’s hard to pass up Patrick Peterson who is arguably the best athlete of this class. I have him falling all the way to #7 if he doesn’t go at #2. Look for the Cowboys to try and trade up and snag him if he is still available anywhere after the 5th pick.

The Redskins are dead in the water at #10 with both Newton and Gabbert off of the board. They need to trade and acquire as many draft picks as possible.

This should be an interesting first round outside of the top 10 as well. There are tons of teams with QB needs but many experts have teams waiting until the 2nd and 3rd rounds before grabbing one. Defense should run the show this year but a lot of guys’ stock has fallen over the last 2 weeks. Most notably is Nick Fairley who I believe will fall outside of the top 10 after being considered as a #1 pick. There might be some serious action on the trading block on picks 25-32 with someone trying to scoop up Locker and Mallet who both should still be floating around.

I think that the most intriguing player of the first round is going to be Mark Ingram. I can see him being an immediate impact player for a team just like Peterson was. Most experts have him going to the Dolphins at 15. I don’t see him fitting into that system that well. But he would be by far the best player on the board at that time. I think that Cam Newton coming off the board early will be a blessing for the Washington Redskins who won’t have the next Jamarcus Russell on their rooster. I think that Ingram could be a real possibility for the Skins who now can afford to be flexible at the #10 pick and may be involved in a trade anywhere from the #11-15 spots while picking up a 4th round pick.

Looking forward to Tonight’s draft. Not looking forward to seeing Kiper Jr’s count Dracula hair helmet of a head while he exaggerates his excuses one syllable at a time.

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