Russell Spending His Money Wisely

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Oakland Raiders waste of moneyquarterback Jamarcus Russell stepped out last week and we’re surprised he didn’t fall over.  The amount of jewelry this overpaid idiot had on was ridiculous.  I hope he realizes that after his guaranteed money is gone, there is a solid chance he will not see another dime of NFL money.  The announcers even took a closer look and they even got some digs in on Russell.

“If he spent as much time in the film room as he did at the jewelry store, he’d be a much better quarterback”

Absolutely perfect quote.  Al Davis and company look like complete morons for giving him a 6 year $68 million contract, but the worst part of it? $31.5 million GUARANTEED!  Of course, as I have said before, hind sight is 20-20.  Russell did put it in overdrive for the combine.  Putting together a very impressive pro-day and looking pretty lean for himself at 256 pounds.  However, I find it hard to believe, as has him listed, that he is 260 pounds.  I would put him more at the 275 pound range.  He might be one of the most unmotivated players I have ever watched.  It seems as though he put in all the effort to get his college paid for and get that big contract at the next level and then just let off the gas.  He seems content with 2nd on a depth chart that includes Charlie Frye and JP Losman.  All hope seems lost on him and I do not see his career making a u-turn anytime soon.  Thanks Todd McShay for your in-depth analysis on Jamarcus Russell.

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