Rob Konrad Was Circled By Sharks During His 9-Mile Swim To Shore

Last week, we told you about former Miami Dolphin fullback Rob Konrad swimming 9-miles to shore after falling off his fishing boat. He spent over 16 hours in the water and somehow made it shore alive. A lot of people are calling BS or think that this story is either fabricated or incredibly embellished.

Until we hear otherwise, we’re on team Konrad.

Recently, Konrad finally opened up about the swim to save his life. He claims he was stung by jellyfish and on more than one occasion, saw rescue helicopters even though they did not see him.

Most shocking, though, was his claim that he was circled by at least one shark near the surface of the water and several below.

Maybe they were protecting him?

That’s almost never the case.

Konrad has a wife a two daughters that served as his motivation and will to live.

Like I said, until we hear otherwise we are definitely team Konrad!

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