Richard Sherman Mic’d Up During NFC Championship Game, Told Crabtree ‘Hell of a game’

You all know what happened. A late fourth quarter comeback by the San Francisco 49ers was thwarted by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman after he swatted a would-be go ahead touchdown pass intended for Michael Crabtree. What happened after was Sherman patting Crabtree on the ass and saying something to him that made Crabtree shove him in the face and get a penalty.

What most of America assumed, especially after Sherman’s historic/epic/iconic post game interview with Erin Andrews, was that he had said something of the cocky, classless persuasion.

Well, thanks to those awesome people at NFL Films, Richard Sherman was mic’d up for the entire game and now we know what he said that got Michael Crabtree so fired up.

“Hell of a game, hell of a game”


Maybe Sherman isn’t such a “thug” after all? Maybe Sherman said some not-so-nice-things that edited out of the video after Crabtree pushed his face? Either way it was a hell of a play and both players are great at what they do. Neither is more of a “thug” than the other and what Sherman said, in that moment, was probably accurate. Let it go, Amurrica.

Anyway, here’s a link to the video on in case the No Fun League takes that YouTube video down.

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