Remembering 'The Save'

Dilo_The_SavePerhaps things that remind us of past memories and draw coincidences in the most opposite yet similar fashions, become the front of the newest parody or joke for a group of friends.  I have a story like this that went untold until today…
DiLo and I were at a jam packed Youngstown Sports Grille during the bar scene’s biggest and most expensive stage, St. Patrick’s Day.  Estimated attendance of around 500-700 for a bar with a firecode capacity capped at 250 and beer prices as high as legally possible.  I ordered a nice, expensive, ice cold round of Bud Light aluminum bottles… if you weren’t double or triple fisted with beers than you just weren’t there to party… and of course, we were there to party.   Upon the hand off of two beers from me to DiLo (who I think already had three in his hands), in front of a crowd of people, one bright green aluminum Bud Light slipped out and was headed for doom 4 feet down to the restaurant style tiles below.  Everyone’s face dropped and roars of laughter were building up fast as the bottle fell.  DiLo, without a flinch or even a hint of hesitation, reached down with cat-like reflexes and other beers in hand and scooped up the bottle by the top of the neck with the hands two weakest fingers, the pinky and ring finger!  He made “The Save”.  The crowd immediately went from the beginning stages of laughter to an uproar of cheering and applauses.  I kept repeating “The Save, The Save, The Save” and of course, because it was a hockey reference, nobody knew or cared what it meant.  I just found the above photo in my phone from almost three months ago and as soon as I saw it two thoughts popped in my — this story came and Frank Pietrangelo.

Frank Pietrangelo was the backup goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins during the early nineties He is perhaps best known for his play during the 1991 Stanley Cup playoffs.  Pietrangelo came in to replace the injured starting goaltender Tom Barrasso and in Game 6 of the opening round against the New Jersey Devils, he helped the Penguins stave off elimination with an improbable glove save against Peter Stastny, who was shooting at a mostly-open net. The play became known as “The Save” and gave the Penguins the momentum to win the game and the series. The Penguins got Barrasso back for the Finals where they went on to win their first Stanley Cup, all thanks to Frank Pietrangelo and his save.

[youtube id=PsaN32cR8Pk ]

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