Paul Pierce Wore Stupid Glasses, Got Burned On Twitter

Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce is 37-years old. So sometimes, he needs a night off. The Wizards gave him that night off on Wednesday and he was able to enjoy the game courtside.

Of course, being 37-years old, his eye sight seems to have declined a bit too because there is no other reason in this entire world for him to wear the incredibly stupid-looking frames he did.

A lof of people went hard on him on Twitter. For The Win has a nice collection of hate. But, personally, I think there is one comparison that wasn’t made that needs to be pointed out.

He looks like Jim ‘Wash Out‘ Pfaffenbach from Hot Shots. Let me just say, if you don’t know who that is or what movie that is, leave and never come back.

washout hot shots

Here’s hoping Paul Pierce doesn’t need a multioptipupiloptomy.

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