Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty, Went ‘Full on Creep Mode’ on Katherine Webb

Earlier this week we all got news that the NHL was back after a 100+ day lockout.  Fox Sports Arizona caught up with Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty on Twitter, to ask a couple questions on the breaking news.  He talked a lot about playing over in the United Kingdom during the lockout.  He also gave a half-assed geography lesson on the U.K., which was also entertaining.  The best part, however, was when he was asked about Katherine Webb, Alabama QB AJ McCarron’s girlfriend and Miss Alabama.  He was told that she went from 500 followers to over 100,000 and they noticed he had started following her too.

“I started following her friends and stuff, I went full creep mode on her.  She deserves every follower, she’s a gorgeous girl.  Score one for AJ.”

[h/t The Big Lead]

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