OSU Players Line Up After Win to Hug Anchor Dom Tiberi After His Daughter’s Death

Dom Tiberi has been a staple of Ohio State football for more than three decades.  He is a local legend and most everyone knows who he is.  He is part of the Ohio State family and like any family, Ohio State was there for Dom when he lost his daughter, Ohio State student Maria Tiberi, to a tragic car crash September 17th.

First, two weeks ago, before the game against Florida A&M, the crowd of over 100,000 observed a moment of silence in honor of Maria.  Also, the team wore “MT” stickers in memory of her. This past week, after the game against Wisconsin, almost the entire team went through and gave Dom a hug, welcoming him back.


Classy move, Buckeyes.  Clearly you can see Dom was a bit broken up after the team showed him such compassion.  Below is another video from his first night back on the air last Thursday.

[h/t Deadspin]

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