Review of Oregon and Ohio States Uniforms for the National Championship

Nike announced on Monday the uniforms that Oregon and Ohio State will wear in the College Football Playoff National Championship on January 12th. With both the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes donning brand new looks for the title game. The new uniforms will leave some fans in awe, other in shock as there are a few surprises and changes. Both schools are contracted by Nike for their uniforms, and this allows Nike to produce these special jerseys. Nike will be banking on the fact that the uniforms are unique enough that they will be flying off the shelves this next week. Nike has said that the “official” championship jerseys will be selling for $160 a piece, and will only be offered as a National Championship jersey.

The Oregon Ducks uniforms sport the most differences between their regular season uniforms and the National Championship ones. Missing are the two colors most associated with the University of Oregon, green and yellow. Instead, the Ducks will be wearing a solid, bright white uniform with silver accents and silver pants. Nike is calling the silver color “wolf gray”. The front of the jerseys will have silver wings across the shoulder and collar bone area, along with graphite colored numbers on the front and back. On each sleeve will be the traditional fighting duck logo. The Oregon helmets will be white with silver wings on each side and the Oregon “O” on the back. This is made even stranger as the higher seed usually wears a colored jersey and the lower seed wears white.

The Ohio State Buckeyes uniforms are closer to their traditional wears. They will be wearing a scarlet red jersey with gray stripes on the shoulders. The pants will also be gray with a red stripe down the side, and they will sport the classic gray Buckeye helmet. The numbers on the front and back of the jerseys will be white, but Ohio State will have black numbers atop their shoulders in honor of the 1968 National Championship team.

Even though the Oregon uniforms don’t contain their normal neon green and highlighter yellow school colors, they are sleek and interesting, and look really cool. The silver and white ensemble has an almost futuristic feel to it, and may make the team look even faster than they already do. The Ohio State uniforms, while similar to their originals, also offer a new, stylish design. The black numbers on the shoulders are awesome and really make the jersey pop.

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