One Endzone Will Be Used at Wrigley Field for Northwestern vs. Illinois

wrigley-goal-postThis week, photos were released that showed Wrigley Field being prepped for this weeks matchup between Illinois and Northwestern.  Sweet right?  No, because they let some brain dead project manager put the endzone so close to the outfield wall that the goal post was coming out of it.  Citing possibility for injury, the decision has been made to only use one endzone this weekend.  At the beginning of the week, this story obviously begged the question “what the f*ck?” but now there is a new question:

“What the f*ck are they going to do on interceptions, punts and kickoffs?”

Did anyone else take into account the possibility of an interception?  Or maybe, just maybe one of the teams will have to punt the ball?

For punting it seems they are going to have to stop the clock and position the offense and defense on opposite sides of the field, as if it were a change in the quarter.  This will just take more time and give offenses or defenses a chance to rest.  If you game plan is a fast paced offense then this will definitely be a set back.

If they are only using one endzone, does that make the other not in play?  Is the goalline out of bounds or will it be live for interceptions, fumbles and safeties?

I know the answers to these questions but I brought them up to poke fun at how stupid the person is who came up with this field layout.  Basically, if you are in attendance for the game, it will be like watching overtime the entire time.  For your sake, I hope you have seats by the west endzone. 

Can I propose a solution to this mess?

Stop having FOOTBALL games in BASEBALL stadiums, unless they are specifically designed for both!

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