Ohio State and Bemidji State Women’s Hockey Fight Sets NCAA-Record with 303 Penalty Minutes and 19 Disqualifications

A lot of people will tell you that hockey is the greatest sport there out there.  They will argue that you can’t be the atmosphere at a game or the speed of the game itself.  One of their last ditch efforts to convince you that hockey is awesome is that fighting is allowed.  At least I think that’s the rule, I’m more of a football/baseball/basketball kind of guy.  Be that as it may, what could be better than a good hockey brawl?

A women’s hockey brawl.

That’s right, The Ohio State University women’s hockey team was taking on Bemidji State last week when the Beavers defeated the Buckeyes on their home ice.  Not much is known about how the fight started but since we know bitches be crazy, we don’t have to look far.

Before the end of the game, there were only 16 penalty minutes given out but after the final buzzer, the two teams managed to tack on an NCAA-record, in either gender or division, 287 minutes.


The Ohio State head coach Nate Handrahan addressed the brawl during the post game press conference.

“I don’t really know what happened, to be quite honest,” Handrahan said. “All  I know is there were players taking liberties with our players. There was some  chippiness throughout the coruse of the game.

“I’ve got to believe that our players, and as a staff, as a program, we’re  not happy with teams celebrating on our ice surface and going off the ice  yipping and hooting and hollering. What happened at the end of the game doesn’t  happen often in women’s hockey.

“But I can tell you this: We’re happy to at least see our girls show some  fight and some spirit. Outside of that, I think hockey in general is trying to  get that stuff out of the game. We have our own issues to deal with.”


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