North Carolina State’s Brett Williams Makes a Catch that Would Only be Possible in The Matrix

Brett Williams is the man.  We have all seen center fielders make incredible catches in the outfield.  Remember Bo Jackson running up the wall?  Well, in that same realm of unbelievable catches, a new video has been added.  NC State Outfielder Brett Williams was in a full on sprint after what looked like and extra base hit.  Not in Brett’s world.  The Wolfpack senior, who was playing in just his sixth game back from a torn ACL, dove and completely extended his body for the grab.  What made the catch so memorable was the fact that he finished it off by tucking into a somersault and rolled right up, like it was one fluid motion.  You’ll notice that he walks like a pimp after the catch.  Well deserved, Brett Williams.  You are a pimp.  Even better, if you’re one of those “team first” type of people, is that the #10 Wolfpack beat New Mexico State 9-2.  If you’re wondering, Brett Williams continued his pimp-dom at the plate going 2-3 and pulling in 3 RBI’s.  He is now batting .390 with 15 RBIs and 3 HRs.

Check out his catch below.


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