No Love for T.O.

owen2Terrell Owens is learning the hard way.  If you don’t play nice, eventually no one will want to play with you.

It was rumored earlier this  month that quarterback and friend to T.O., Donovan McNabb, mentioned to the Redskins organization that he wouldn’t mind T.O. on their squad for the upcoming year.  This of course made headlines all across the interwebs because it was believed that the two had hated each other.  I believe the popular saying is “time heals all wounds”.  In this case that may be true for McNabb and Owens, but no amount of time will make anyone in any front office forget about the antics and drama that T.O. brings to each locker room.  The Redskins obviously saw T.O. as more of a risk than a reward and passed on the opportunity.

Now the Redskins have just signed veteran wide receivers Joey Galloway and Bobby Wade.  Galloway is the same 38 year old wide receiver who played with the Patriots for all of 3 games last year and only recorded 7 catches and zero touchdowns.  Wade on the other hand is 29 and played in 12 games last year for the Chiefs.  He might have more left of his game than the older Galloway.  Now, I am by no means saying that Joey Galloway doesn’t have anything left in his tank but I am saying that maybe the Redskins could have helped their team a little more by signing T.O.  Owens played, and started, all 16 games for the Bills last year and averaged over 15 yards per catch and 15 touchdowns.  I know that isn’t anything to write home about but when comparing him to Galloway’s numbers, it’s a runaway race.  Owens is 2 years younger than Galloway and has 3 more 1,000+ yard seasons than him.  It seems like Owens would be more game ready than the perhaps rusty Galloway.

I doubt money was the issue with this decision either.  Wade, Galloway and Owens wouldn’t and shouldn’t have expected a contract for more than a year and it just seems that the Redskins wanted to avoid any kind of rocking of the boat that might have come with Owens.  T.O. has made his bed and now he has to sleep in it.  He gave himself the reputation that he has and he has no one to blame for it but himself.


With all this said about Owens, it doesn’t mean that no one will take him.  His talent is too valuable to some teams in need.  Also, the risk to reward ratio is subjective by each team.  Some teams, like the Lions, will see Owens as more of an asset than a setback to an offense.  With Owens and Megatron out wide to the sides and a second year quarterback who seems to have found his ground, the Lions could make the turnaround of the decade for any team in the NFL.  That is assuming that the Lions will take the chance on T.O., but let’s be honest, what do they have to lose?  They can’t lose more games and they can’t lose more fans.  I say pick up T.O. and watch your fan attendance and win total rise substantially. 

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