NHL Reporter Congratulates Matthew Perry on His Show Being Canceled

Matthew Perry is a big time Los Angeles Kings fan and as such, was at game six last Friday when the Kings took the series from the Blues after dropping the first two games of the series.  Also there was abhorrent reporter Dan Moriarty, who is more of a nuisance than a positive addition to the broadcast, on hand to get some “reaction” as to how the game was panning out.

Of course, the best thing you can do as a sideline reporter–or anyone who has the chance to interview someone–is be prepared.  Or at least slightly prepared.  Moriarty was neither in this case.

Matthew Perry had found out earlier that day that his NBC sitcom Go On had been canceled.  Perry, like most of his cast mates from Friends, has had a hard time getting back into the sitcom game.  If Dan Moriarty would have simply Googled “Matthew Perry” three to five minutes before interviewing him, he would have seen this news and not congratulated him on his show getting canceled.


Since Dan Moriarty didn’t do his due dilligence, Matthew Perry got dirt rubbed into his wound on live television.  Although, being the professional that Perry is, he played it off masterfully.

I just hope he slapped Moriarty as soon as the cameras were done rolling.




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