NFLPA Meetings don't look that bad


For the past couple months all we have heard about is the NFL owners vs. the NFL Players Association.  The owners have now locked out the players and the players, in turn, have decertified from a union.  Basically by decertifing, the NFL Players can sue the league for restraint-of-trade antitrust violations.  Antitrust, shmantitrust.  I have deliberately kept my head out of all of this non-sense because a.) it’s too hard to follow and 2.) March Madness/Cougar Madness is going on.

However, Sahli is down in Marco Island and just so happened to be on the beach where the NFLPA is holding a dinner party.  Annnd some party it is.  These guys are clearly worried about where they are going to get their next pay check.  The picture at the top is showing the horse shoe pits and mini golf…yes, mini golf on sand.  Also available for the guest were basketball courts, open bar (duh), carving stations and a mechanical surfboard.  If you’re scratching your head on the last one, just think mechanical bull.

Below are a couple more pictures that Sahli snapped and sent my way.  Sahli, who works in the industry in Florida, put the cost estimation of this beach dinner in the $50,000 range.  Perhaps these players know something about the negotiations we don’t?imagejpeg_2_10

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