NFL Pick Em Week 13 Results




Jeb                                13-3 LW           136-56 Overall

Sahli                              10-6 LW           134-58 Overall

DiLo                              10-6 LW           130-62 Overall

SoCalShredder             10-6 LW           127-65 Overall

Sir Dubz                       10-6 LW           124-68 Overall


This week DiLo decided to go ahead and crap down his leg with his picks.  After making a run the last few weeks, he barely made it over .500.  Jeb has taken over the lead from Sahli while So Cal Shredder is picking up steam as we make our way towards the playoffs.  Sir Dubz was written off as bust this year but has made moves these last few weeks and is going to start creeping up on the leaders.  Obviously our 5 authors are leaps and bounds ahead of those boneheads over at 


This week, the authors all took the Steelers straight across the board.  Normally I would expect the Browns to get absolutely crushed, but tonight I feel they will only get pounded.  An insider for Thunder Treats texted me last night and said they are expecting a ridiculous amount of snow for tonight’s game in Cleveland.  So any degenerate gamblers out there, you may want to check on that under.  Even with Troy Palomalu out again this week, I don’t expect the Browns to do anything spectacular on offense.  If our source is correct, then I expect the snow to get the defensive player of the game award.


Big Thanks to Ross Davis for pointing out to us how retarded SirDubz is…

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