NFL Pick em Week 10 Results

Another week of NFL Football is in the books and another week we have Dubz picking worse than a school girl. A the top we have DiLo who is looking to make a run at Sahli’s very impressive streak. Jeb is right on his coat tails. DiLo was wise enough to pick the Bengals over the Steelers because he knows how much of a complete team the Bengals are and how much the Steelers are overrated. Obviously I am kidding, I just want to piss Dubz off because I am doing his job. Sahli and Jeb both had games where they picked the only winners as well. DiLo was one game off the best ESPN analyst at 10-5. I believe that Dubz might have the best chance to be an ESPN analyst because they pick like shit and so does he. We’ll see how many more times I have to write this post…Here is the ESPN “Experts” picks from week 10.

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