New FUPA in South Bend


It is official.  Brian Kelly will replace Charlie Weis as the new head coach at the University of Notre Dame…On Monday!  Talk about a quick transition, geeze.  This is the latest in a long line of coach’s who say one thing and then do the complete opposite, but I can’t get mad because I can’t blame them.  When pressed for an answer that you can’t give or don’t find the timing right, you have to lie.  I do it everyday and I am sure you do as well.  Since Kelly starts Monday, he will not be coaching his 12-0 team in the Sugar Bowl against Florida in January but I am sure he will watch and be screaming at the TV.  He is expected to be introduced tomorrow at 1:30pm and I am sure we will get more details on his new spiffy 5 year contract.  Now Cincy gets to start the awesome job of trying to find a replacement for a coach that won back to back Big East Championships.  My official endorsement is going to Turner Gill from the University of Buffalo.  They need to get him in for an interview before Kansas makes an official offer to him, which judging by these recent developments will be a lot sooner rather than later.  Then again, Cincy could just take Mark Mangino…

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