New extreme sport 'Ultimate Tak Ball' incorporates soccer and stun guns

You read that right. Stun Guns.

Ultimate Tak Ball, or UTB for short, claims to be the future of sport with its new league that seems to join soccer and stun guns in athletic bliss.  UTB is a 4 on 4 sport involving rectangular playing field, with one ball, 2 goals at opposing ends, and 8 Shocking apparatus.  The ball is a 24″ oversized soccer ball that can be carried or thrown into the oppositions goal.  The field is shaped and lined much like a soccer field with a goal at either end.  The kicker is the players carry stun guns with them and are allowed to use them on the ball carrier to try to get the ball from them.

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Imagine what happens during a fight…

Per the official website:


Defenders may only shock the player possessing the ball, and must not shock if the ball isn’t in clear possession of a player.


As of right now there are only 4 teams that are part of UTB with 8 more franchises to be announced.  The league consists of the San Diego Spartans, the Toronto Terror, the Philly Killawatts and perhaps the worst team name, the LA Nightlight.  The jerseys are pretty cool as they have illuminated wire going through them so they light up.  I’m intrigued enough that I would go see a game…if the tickets were free.

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