Nevada Athletic Commission approves 13th season for The Ultimate Fighter

the-ultimate-fighter-logoToday, the Nevada Athletic Commission approved to sanction the 13th season of the UFC’s reality show The Ultimate Fighter.  Voting on the show was a unanimous decision and puts TUF as one of the 10 longest running reality shows on TV.  The NAC requires that the UFC and its participants in TUF follow all safety and health standards set forth by the commission, just as if it were any other sanctioned fight in Nevada.  The contestants were picked during a tryout in November in Las Vegas.  The prerequisites were being 21 years old and having at least 3 professional fights.  An air date and the coaches have not been announced for the 13th season yet but if I had to guess I would say Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard would be a good choice since this week is there second meeting.  Their first meeting ended with Maynard getting the W and this week they go at it again for the lightweight championship.  A rubber match could be in store and if it were, the Ultimate Fighter Finale would be a great place to haveit.  Think GSP vs. Koscheck at the end of TUF season 12.

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