National Championshit.

Tonight is the Big Game. The one every team sets out to get to at the beginning of the season. Tonight we have a battle of Ohioans in Urban Meyer from Ashtabula and Bob Stoops who hails from Youngstown. Personally, being a Buckeye fan, obviously I want to see Oklahoma embarrass Florida in their own state. Initially I thought that Oklahoma was going to stomp out Florida and make their defense look as lost as Bob Wickman at a Weight Watchers Clinic. What else am I supposed to think when a team scores 60+ points in 5 straight games!?! Now, my views have changed from a lopsided victory to a hard fought, close game. As good as the Florida defense is the Oklahoma offense is better. If Florida’s defense is a sloppy joe sandwich, Oklahoma’s offense is a sloppy joe with cheese. Sam Bradford is just as talented as Tim Tebow and has just as much potential to blow a game wide open. Bradford threw for over 4,000 yards and 48 touchdowns…that is with missing the equivalent of 2 games from sitting because of the hammer he brought down on teams. The problem Oklahoma will have is covering the Florida offense. Florida is probably the fastest team not only in the SEC, but the nation. The defensive backs from Oklahoma have their work cut out for them. Let’s not forget about the Oklahoma defensive back that ranked Tebow lower than 3 other quarterbacks in the Big 12. Way to go buddy, that’s what you want to do, piss Tim Tebow off. We have seen what he can do when he gets worked up. That’s the last thing you need. One argument for Oklahoma is experience. Oklahoma has 8 senior starters and their safety is starting in his 50th game of his career. Although he is going to need all that experience to cover the Florida wide receivers. Florida on the other hand has one player, left offensive tackle, who is left from the national championship game 2 years ago. It’s scary to think about Florida next year, huh? This game will be hard fought from the start to the end; there is no doubt about it. It is going to be an offensive shootout. My best guess is Oklahoma comes out on top, 42-38. Boomer Sooner.

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